Hip hop, rap


Good good things / Blundetto  |

Good good things / Blundetto

Musique audio | 2020

10 ANS APRÈS L'ALBUM CULTE 'BAD BAD THINGS', LE NOUVEL ALBUM DE BLUNDETTO. Dix ans étaient passés depuis son premier album, devenu un classic, "Bad Bad Things", c'était là l'occasion de fêter cette décennie en réanimant son état d...

Africa unite / Bob Marley & The Wailers |

Africa unite / Bob Marley & The Wailers

Musique audio | Marley, Bob. Interprète | 2005

Rastaman vibration / Bob Marley & the Wailers |

Rastaman vibration / Bob Marley & the Wailers...

Musique audio | Wailers (The). Interprète | 2001

Positive vibration. Roots, rock, reggae. Johnny was. Cry to me. Want more. Crazy baldhead. Who the cap fit. Night shift. War. Rat race. Jah live.

First tracks (The) / Bob Marley |

First tracks (The) / Bob Marley

Musique audio | Marley, Bob. Compositeur | 2001

Soul rebels. No water can quench my thirst. Rebel hop. No sympathy. It's all right. Reaction. Corner stone. 400 years. Try me. Soon come. Caution. Soul captives. Concrete jungle. Screwfaces. Love life. Satisfy my soul. Rainbow cou...

Tudo de boom : Live in Brazil / Pato Banton |

Tudo de boom : Live in Brazil / Pato Banton

Musique audio | Banton, Pato. Interprète | 2000

Now generetion. Bubbling hot. Gwarn. Go pato. Niceness. Jamming. Stay positive. Groovin'. Tudo de bom. Baby come back. One world is enough. Settle satan. Life is a miracle. Time come (BHX Boyz remix). Time come (Instrumental remix...

Feel good all over : Anthology, 1970-1976 / Horace Andy |

Feel good all over : Anthology, 1970-1976 / H...

Musique audio | Andy, Horace. Interprète | 2002

I may never see my baby. I feel good all over. Lonely woman. Thank you Lord. You are my angel. Gonna keep on trying. Ain't no sunshine. Can I change my mind. Don't break your promise. Dream lover. John saw them coming. Riding for ...

Negro-spirituel et gospel

Firehouse stomp. Sheik of Araby. When my dreamboat comes home... / Firehouse Five plus Two |

Firehouse stomp. Sheik of Araby. When my drea...

Musique audio | Firehouse Five plus Two. Interprète | 1996

Girl of my dreams. Show me the way to the fire. Petite fleur. Hello Dolly. Swanee river. Basin street blues. Baby won't you please come home. Frankie & Johnny. What is this thing called love ?. Red sails in t he sunset. Lady of Sp...

Gospel / Aretha Franklin |

Gospel / Aretha Franklin

Musique audio | Franklin, Aretha. Interprète | 2004

Old landmark / Aretha Franklin. My rock / Swan Silvertones. When the saint go marching in (take 2) / Golden Echoes. Too close to heaven (take 1) / Alex Bradford. This little light of mine / Fontella Bass. Lord, I feel just like go...

Les Plus beaux négro spirituals / Moses Hogan Chorale |

Les Plus beaux négro spirituals / Moses Hogan...

Musique audio | Moses Hogan Chorale. Interprète | 2000

Ain't dat good news. Amen. Balm gilead. Didn't my lord deliver Daniel ?. Ev'ry time I feel the spirit. Go down, Moses. He nevuh said a mumbalin' word. He's got the whole world in his hands. I got a home in a dat roc k. In bright m...

80 years / Golden Gate Quartet (The) |

80 years / Golden Gate Quartet (The)

Musique audio | Golden Gate Quartet (The). Chanteur | 2014

En 1934, quatre étudiants du Collège Booker T. Washington en Virginie, unis par la même passion de la musique, créent The Golden Gate Quartet Jubelee Singers qui devient très vite The Golden Gate Quartet. Un groupe de gospel total...


Miles Davis |

Miles Davis

Musique audio

Ballads / Ella Fitzgerald |

Ballads / Ella Fitzgerald

Musique audio | Fitzgerald, Ella. Interprète | 2003

I've got the world on a string. I didn't mean a word I said. For sentimental reasons. Looking for a boy. But not for me. Soon. I've got a crush on you. Dream a little dream of me. Sentimental journey. It's only a paper moon. Angel...

Indestructible / Art Blakey |

Indestructible / Art Blakey

Musique audio | Blakey, Art. Interprète | 2003

The Egyptian. Sortie. Calling Miss Khadija. When love is new. Mr. Jin. It's a long way down.

Days of wine and roses : the Owl years : 1981-1985 / Michel Petrucciani |

Days of wine and roses : the Owl years : 1981...

Musique audio | Petrucciani, Michel. Interprète | 2000

Gattito. Amalgame. Eugenia. Mike Pee. I just say hello. Santa Barbara. It's what I am doing when I miss you. Cold blues. Days of wine and roses. My funny Valentine. Prelude to a kiss. I hear a rhapsody. Round ab out midnight. Afro...

Collective improvisations / Wilber Morris |

Collective improvisations / Wilber Morris

Musique audio | Morris, Wilber. Interprète | 1994

Two fives for a dime. H.M Louis. Flamingo. Randy son. Blu-we.

Come in red dog, this is tango leader / Charlie Hunter |

Come in red dog, this is tango leader / Charl...

Musique audio | Hunter, Charlie. Interprète | 2003

All hell broke loose. Ow !. Said yod. The Red dog strays. Okay, okay. Wave link. Can you hear me, tango leader ?.