Hail to the thief !!! / Radiohead |

Hail to the thief !!! / Radiohead

Musique audio | Radiohead. Interprète | 2003

2 + 2 = 5. Sit down, stand up. Sail to the moon. Backdrifts. Go to sleep. Where I end and you begin. We suck young blood. The Gloaming. There there. I will. A Punchup at a wedding. Myxomatosis. Scatterbrain. A Wolf at the door.

A bigger bang / Rolling Stones (The) |

A bigger bang / Rolling Stones (The)

Musique audio | Rolling Stones | 2005

American life / Madonna |

American life / Madonna

Musique audio | Madonna (1958-....). Interprète | 2003

American life. Hollywood. I'm so stupid. Love profusion. Nobody knows me. Nothing fails. Intervention. X-static process. Mother and father. Die another day. Easy ride.

Sleeping with ghosts / Placebo |

Sleeping with ghosts / Placebo

Musique audio | Placebo. Interprète | 2003

Bulletproof cupid. English summer rain. This picture. Sleeping with ghosts. The Bitter end. Something rotten. Plasticine. Special needs. I'll be yours. Second sight. Protect me from what I want. Centrefolds. Protège-moi. Running u...

Dear catastrophe waitress / Belle & Sebastian |

Dear catastrophe waitress / Belle & Sebastian...

Musique audio | Belle & Sebastian. Interprète | 2003

Step into my office, baby. Dear catastrophe waitress. If she wants me. Piazza, New-York catcher. Asleep on a sunbeam. I'm a cuckoo. You don't send me. Wrapped up in books. Lord Anthony. If you find yourself caught in love. Roy Wal...

Life for rent / Dido |

Life for rent / Dido

Musique audio | Dido. Compositeur | 2003

White flag. Stoned. Life for rent. Mary's in India. See you when you're 40. Don't leave home. Who makes you feel. Sand in my shoes. Do you have a little time. This land is mine. See the sun.


Folk, country rock, blues rock

Giant / Herman Dune |

Giant / Herman Dune

Musique audio | Herman Dune. Interprète | 2006

I wish that I could see you soon. Nickel chrome. 1, 2, 3, Apple tree. Bristol. Pure hearts. No master. Take him back to New York city. Baby bigger. This summer. Your name, my game. By the light of the moon. When the water gets col...

Micah P Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs / Micah P Hinson |

Micah P Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs / Mi...

Musique audio | Hinson, Micah P. Compositeur | 2010

Inspiré par les changements politiques qui affectent son Amérique natale, ce quatrième opus est un condensé de compositions sublimes et de textes brutalement beaux. Il raconte l'histoire de ces 'pioneer saboteurs' qui n'aiment pas...

Diamonds on the inside / Ben Harper |

Diamonds on the inside / Ben Harper

Musique audio | Harper, Ben. Compositeur | 2003

With my own two hands. When it's good. Diamonds on the inside. Touch from your lust. When she believes. Brown eyed blues. Bring the funk. Everything. Amen omen. Temporary remedy. So high so low. Blessed to be a witness. Picture of...

Piece by piece / Katie Melua |

Piece by piece / Katie Melua

Musique audio | Melua, Katie. Interprète | 2005

Shy boy. Nine million bicycles. Piece by piece. Halfway up the hindu kudh. Blues in the night. Spider's web. Blue shoes. On the road again. Thankyou, stars. Just like heaven. I cried for you. I do believe in love.

To Tulsa and back / J.J. Cale |

To Tulsa and back / J.J. Cale

Musique audio | Cale, J.J.. Compositeur | 2004

My gal. Chains of love. New lover. One step. Stone river. The Problem. Homeless. Fancy dancer. Rio. These blues. Motormouth. Blues for mama. Another song.

Modern times / Bob Dylan |

Modern times / Bob Dylan

Musique audio | Dylan, Bob. Compositeur | 2006

Thunder on the mountain. Spirit on the water. Rollin' and tumblin'. When the deal goes down. Someday baby. Workingman's blues, part 2. Beyond the horizon. Nettie Moore. The Levee's gonna break. Ain't talkin'.


New wave

Clatter for control / Hanged Up |

Clatter for control / Hanged Up

Musique audio | Hanged Up. Interprète

Klang klang. Alarm. A Different kind of function. Kick-back-hub. Eksplozije. Go let's go. Dérailleur. Fuck this place. How we keep time. Junk the clatter.

Végétal / Emilie Simon |

Végétal / Emilie Simon

Musique audio | Simon, Emilie. Compositeur | 2006

Alicia. Fleur de saison. Vieil amant. Sweet blossom. Opium. Dame de lotus. Swimming. In the lake. Rose hybride de thé. Never fall in love. Annie. My old friend. En cendres.

Everything at once / Her Magic Wand |

Everything at once / Her Magic Wand

Musique audio | Her Magic Wand. Compositeur | 2016

Ce premier album propose une pop rêveuse et sincère, faite maison mais ambitieuse, façonnée par un artisan dont le credo est simplement de faire la musique qu'il a envie d'écouter.Clouding effect. Draw a line. Everything at once. ...

L' Heure bleue / Yanis |

L' Heure bleue / Yanis

Musique audio | Yanis. Compositeur | 2016

Auteur, compositeur et interprète, il a construit ce premier EP entre rêve et réalité, lancinant et aérien. Quoi de plus naturel lorsqu'on sait que le projet, conçu entre Paris et Berlin, puise sa source dans la liberté d'expressi...

Singles (The) : 1981-1985 / Depeche Mode |

Singles (The) : 1981-1985 / Depeche Mode

Musique audio | Depeche Mode. Interprète | 1998

Dreaming of me. New life. Just can't get enough. See you. The Meaning of love. Leave in silence. Get the balance right. Everything counts. Love in itself. People are people. Master and servant. Blasphemous rumours. Somebody. Shake...

Singles (The) : 1986-1998 / Depeche Mode |

Singles (The) : 1986-1998 / Depeche Mode

Musique audio | Depeche Mode. Interprète | 1998

Stripped. A Question of lust. A Question of time. Strangelove. Never let me down again. Behind the wheel. Personal Jesus. Enjoy the silence. Policy of truth. World in my eyes. I feel you. Walking in my shoes. Condemnation. In your...

Rock progressif et symphonique

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